Automated DNA assembly

Synthetic biology applies engineering principles to the design and modification of biological systems and to the construction of biological parts and devices. It aims to improve the predictability of engineering biology. The assembly of fragments of DNA according to rules known as biological assembly standards underpins the field.

DNA Foundry at the Norwich Research Park

To support the design, generation and exploitation of high-value compounds and bioactives obtained from plants and microbes. EI received an investment of £1.9 million pounds from the BBSRC which has been used to build a DNA Foundry which became operational in March 2016.

The laboratory is managed under the National Capability in Genomics. As such the facility is open to work collaboratively, or on a fee-for-service basis to the BBSRC and UK bioscience community.

Advantages of using the National Capability in Genomics at Earlham Institute

Working with the DNA Foundry at EI allows researchers to move from small-scale, manual assembly of constructs to high-throughput parallel assembly of large DNA constructs from interoperable, reusable standard parts. This enables researchers to design large-scale experiments that use combinatorial assemblies and libraries. We are able to store DNA in our repository; a fully automated freezer system for rapid access to reusable standard parts.

The National Capability in Genomics at EI also houses an advanced genomics and next-generation sequencing facility and can offer NGS construct validation for high-throughput assembly projects. We use in-house pipelines with dramatically reduced library preparation costs for projects requiring Illumina sequencing validation. PacBio SMRT sequencing platforms are also available if required.

If you’re working with a novel biological chassis and are looking for cost-effective ways of generating a genome reference please contact us.

Explore our technologies.

The lab primarily focuses on automation, which is delivered with a number of technology platforms:

Arktic biostore

Echo 550

Access Laboratory Workstation

Microlab STAR

Interested in using our technology?

If you’re working with a new synthetic biology chassis and are looking for cost-effective ways of generating a genome reference please contact us.

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