DEANN Exchange.

The DEANN project is a network formation initiative that involves fourteen research institutions and universities from across four EU countries (United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain and Italy), four Latin American countries (Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Chile) and Florida. The overall goal of this initiative is to strengthen research partnerships among the project participants by developing shared scientific know how in the field of Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. This will foster an increase in the scientific competence of consortium members at the international level.

A key element of this project is training coordination, therefore DEANN will organise different workshops and summer schools on scientific and translational topics. The coordination of these training activities is supported at EI by Dr Emily Angiolini and covers the implementation, supervision, support and dissemination of these training activities.

For further information about the DEANN project, please visit the main DEANN website here.

Emily Angiolini

Emily Angiolini
Scientific Training and Education Team Manager

Past exchanges.

Janet Higgins

Janet Higgins, Computational Biologist in the Swarbreck group, took part in the DEANN exchange programme at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) in Argentina where she worked on non-model plant species.

During her time at INTA Janet shared her expertise through giving seminars, supporting delivery of a course on RNA Sequencing analysis and working with the Forest Tree and Sunflower research groups. Through the exchange she was able to learn about their research on native trees such as the Southern Beech, studying how these trees are adapted to the adverse conditions such as drought and extreme temperatures that are found in the Patagonian forest.

Two scientists visited EI from INTA in 2014 and there are plans for future exchanges within the four-year DEANN project.

Ricardo Ramirez-Gonazalez

Ricardo, one of our PhD students, had the opportunity to take part in the DEANN exchange programme to share best practice in the field of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) in his hometown of Mexico. At INMEGEN, Ricardo was based in the Human Systems Biology Lab (HSBL), under the supervision of Osbaldo Resendis-Antonio, where he was involved in a project using RNA-Seq to compare the differential expression across cancer cell lines at different stages.