Peter Bickerton

Scientific Communications & Outreach Manager

Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 994



I am a passionate and enthusiastic science communicator and have a wealth of experience in organising, running and delivering excellent public engagement events. Highlights include the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition and various others.

My role involves coordinating events between our researchers and members of the public, stimulating projects such as Scientists on the Loose, Women in Bioinformatics and our genetics roadshow for schools, while producing a wealth of interactive, educational activities related to our research, both paper-based and online.

In addition to my public engagement activities, I work closely with the Business Development and Communications team, writing important scientific content for the blog, as well as features and global impact pieces for the website, while helping to curate content using various social media channels.

I am also very interested in how we will feed nine billion people by 2050. I hold a PhD in Plant Sciences from the University of Manchester and I am an ambassador for international organisations including Thought for Food and One Young World.

My interests outside of work include poetry and songwriting, playing the ukulele, as well as investigating alternative food futures - including insect eating, which I talk about at events throughout the world, as well as on radio and television.