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Timothy Stitt

Head of Scientific Computing


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As Head of Scientific Computing, Tim oversaw the Scientific Computing and High-Performance Computing capabilities of the Earlham Institute. This included deploying and managing EI’s world-class compute and storage infrastructure for Bioscience research, as well as working directly with researchers to optimise and tune their software to make the most efficient and effective use of the resources. Tim also conducted research into novel computing technologies for data-intensive computing and represents EI on the UK’s E-Infrastructure Project Directors Group.

A native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Tim has over 15 years experience in High-Performance Computing and Parallel Programming. After earning a PhD in Computational Physics from Queen's University Belfast, Tim has applied his HPC knowledge at various HPC centres worldwide including ICHEC (Ireland), CSCS (Switzerland) and CRC (USA). Along the way, Tim has held faculty positions in Computer Science and Civil Engineering whilst teaching parallel computing to undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame (USA). Tim has also held committee roles within the European PRACE and US XSEDE supercomputing projects.


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