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Excellent science? It’s in the technical detail

While a lot of people might still picture scientific breakthroughs as down to a lone genius having a eureka moment, science is a team sport.

Exotic Wheat Stress
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Exotic wheat DNA could help breed ‘climate-proof’ crops

Wheat containing exotic DNA from wild relatives benefits from up to 50 per cent higher yields in hot weather compared with crops lacking these genes.

Norwich Single Cell Symposium 2023 takes place 03 May 2023 at the Earlham Institute in Norwich.

Norwich Single-Cell Symposium 2023

Now in its sixth year, the Norwich Single-Cell Symposium at Earlham Institute covers single-cell genomics technologies and their application in microbial, plant, animal and human health and disease.

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New research Group Leaders join the Earlham Institute

The Earlham Institute is delighted to announce the appointments of Dr Edyta Wojtowicz and Dr Ruben Garrido-Oter as new research Group Leaders.

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Earlham Institute becomes signatory to the Technician Commitment

The Commitment, which was first launched in May 2017, is an institutional pledge to work towards addressing challenges that particularly affect the community of people working in technical roles within research environments.

The Earlham Institute (EI) is a hub of life science research, training, and innovation focused on understanding the natural world through the lens of genomics. Our mission is to decode the scale and complexity of living systems so we can understand, benefit from, and protect life on Earth.

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