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Anthony West

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Anthony West


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I was one of the automation platform support staff within Platforms and Pipelines. The automation support staff help develop protocols and set-up the liquid handling systems (Hamilton, Perkin Elmer and Beckman) to run the NGS and Synthetic Biology pipelines at the Earlham Institute.

I graduated with a PhD in molecular and cellular endocrinology in 1991 from UCL Royal Free School of Medicine. My experiences include: ten years working in the field of male reproductive biology and vesicular trafficking in labs in London and Edinburgh; two years in commercial sales of scientific equipment for molecular biology and sequencing for the company Genetic Research Instrumentation; 14 years in project management, managing support/lab staff, and developing automated processes and products for high throughput sequencing and embryonic stem cell recombination at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute; and two years as a secondary school science teacher in the west Norfolk area. 


A conditional knockout resource for the genome-wide study of mouse gene function

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