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Christian Schudoma

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Christian Schudoma


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I have been member of EI’s Core Bioinformatics Group since November 2017. I am tasked with building production-quality bioinformatics analysis pipelines and tools to add to the service portfolio of the group as well as running secondary analyses for customers. As a senior bioinformatician, I am also assisting with group managing and development. I am always curious to work on different bioinformatics (or computing) tasks and am happy to help, be it through consulting or training (e.g. new group members or students), or through establishing collaborations.

Background-wise, I am a “pure-blood” bioinformatician with a BSc (2004) and MSc (2006) from the Free University Berlin / Zuse Institute Berlin and a PhD (2011) from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology (MPIMP) and University of Potsdam with a focus on RNA 3D structural bioinformatics. However, I have been working with genomics and transcriptomics data ever since my postdoc at the MPIMP (2011-2014), during which I also shifted from pure research to bioinformatics support, training, and tool/workflow development. Before joining EI (or, TGAC, as it was known back then) in January 2016 to work on wheat and grass genomics data, I briefly worked as Bioinformatics Support Officer at The Sainsbury Laboratory.


Endogenous Arabidopsis messenger RNAs transported to distant tissues.

Thieme CJ, Rojas-Triana M, Stecyk E, Schudoma C, Zhang W, Yang L, Minambres M, Walther D, Schulze WX, Paz-Ares J, Scheible W-R, Kragler F. Nature Plants 2015; 1.

A bioinformatics approach to distinguish plant parasite and host transcriptomes in interface tissue by classifying RNA-Seq reads.

Ikeue D, Schudoma C, Zhang W, Ogata Y, Sakamoto T, Kurata T, Furuhashi T, Kragler F, Koh A. Plant Methods 2015; 11:34. 

Sequence-structure relationships in RNA-loops: establishing the basis for loop homology modeling.

Schudoma C, May P, Nikiforova V, Walther D. Nucl Acids Res 2010; 38(3):970-980.

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