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Ehsan Khajouei

PhD student

Ehsan Khajouei

I am a PhD student at Anthony Hall’s group focusing on Wheat Genomics. My project centres around identifying genetic factors that confer heat and drought tolerance in wheat. The project will be carried out with a collaboration of a research group at Nottingham University and CIMMYT and funded by the John Innes foundation. My research interest is to apply genomic tools to dissect genetic variations that govern important agricultural traits in plants and animals.

My background is in Animal Sciences; I received BSc and MSc in Animal Sciences respectively from Azad University of Karaj, Iran, and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden. Next, I began working on a dairy farm and during this job became interested in genetics as I noticed the importance of breeding design in practice. This motivated me to study a Master program in Genetics at Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands, which subsequently paved my way to Earlham Institute and the Wheat Genomics group.


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