EMC Scale-out Isilon

The EMC Isilon IQ solution is our 2PB+ (Petabytes) solution to store the large amount of data that is generated by the sequencing machines, the intermediate processing steps before producing a genome assembly and the posterior analysis.

EMC Isilon

What it does.

The single storage space provided by the Isilon is extensively used across the different research groups, allowing data storage, backup and management in a simple and transparent process. Several snapshots of the storage spaces are taken regularly allowing users to recover accidentally modified/deleted files.

Isilon’s distributed and striped data across nodes in the storage cluster create a single, shared pool of storage. Isilon utilises a private infiniband network for intra-cluster communication and synchronisation.

How we use it.

The Isilon storage solution is widely used at EI as it holds the one of the key business assets, the generated data.

Research groups will use the Isilon storage daily by accessing raw data, analysing and deriving knowledge from it using our cutting-edge HPC resources.

The platforms and pipelines team who manages our next generation sequencing national capability is another beneficiary of the Isilon storage space, from the sequencing machines to the results of a project the data is made available through the Isilon storage.

Who uses it?

Platforms & Pipelines, Research groups, and every HPC user at EI.

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