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Jaime Erazo

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Jaime Erazo


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Jaime Erazo


As visiting scientist, I work the Socioeconomic Programme of the GROW Colombia project.  I am also part of the UEA CSERGE research group.  My work focus on developing and implementing economic valuation tools in areas like sustainable cattle ranching, agroforestry (cacao) and ecotourism.  I participate in training events, workshops and project development with government agencies, NGO’s, private companies and excombatants organizations in Colombia, on economic valuation tools, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, payment for ecosystem services (PES), sustainable agricultural practices, institutional analysis, among others.  I used a participatory approach, environmental economics, and GIS tools to develop applied microeconomic analysis and policy recommendations that can be applied at national or local levels.

Previous to EI, I participated in the several projects:  palm oil ecosystems services valuation (FEDEPALMA, Fundación Ecotropico); PES projects’ formulation (DNP, USAID-ParaAgua); PES national policy in Brazil (UNDP- Ministry of Environment, UFRJ-GEMA, doctoral student); ecosystem services assessment with brown sugar producers and economic analysis for environmental biotechnology solutions (International Centre of Physics, Colombia) and managing private lands area at the Nature Conservancy (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Venezuela).  Other organizations I also worked with are: GIZ, Alexander von Humboldt Institute, IICA-Ministry of Agriculture, Anti-trust office, UNDP-Ministry of Defense.


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