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Janet Higgins

Computational Biologist


Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 092 


Janet is a Computational Biologist in the Swarbreck Group. Since joining the Earlham Institute in 2012, Janet has worked on a range of datasets; sRNA-Seq, BS-Seq, FAIRE-Seq and ChIP-Seq and currently specializes in RNA-seq. Her main focus is crops, but she has worked on a variety of plant and animal genomes. Janet participated in the DEANN Exchange, spending two months working at INTA, Buenos Aires. She continues her collaboration with the Sunflower group working on gene co-expression analysis and the Forest Tree group working on marker mapping in Eucalyptus. In addition, Janet hosts students under the Immersive Visitors Training Programme (IVTP).
Janet is an active member of the BSBI and participates in plant recording in both Norfolk and Scotland towards the Atlas 2020 project.



Daphne Jackson Fellowship 2004-2006