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Ksenia Krasileva

Group Leader - Krasileva Group


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Ksenia V Krasileva is a Group Leader at the Earlham Institute and The Sainsbury Laboratory. Dr. Krasileva has expertise in bioinformatics and genomics, plant biology and plant-microbe interactions. She holds both Bachelors of Science and PhD degrees from University of California, Berkeley where she studied plant innate immunity in Arabidopsis and got her training in Genomic and Computational Biology. For the past four years she has focused on wheat, first as a post-doctoral fellow with Jorge Dubcovsky (University of California Davis and Howard Hughes Medical Institute) where Dr. Krasileva was awarded a prestigious USDA NIFA Fellowship “Developing Functional Genomics for Wheat” and now with her own team at EI/TSL.

Dr. Krasileva is a co-developer of wheat exome capture and one of the leads on generating wheat reverse genetic resource "in silico TILLING". She maintains her research interests in the biology of wheat genome, evolution of plant innate immunity and functional analyses of plant immune receptors. Her group rapidly adopts new technologies and successfully combines fundamental and translational research to better understand plants and to generate crops with durable resistance to pathogens.


Separating homeologs by phasing in the tetraploid wheat transcriptome.

Krasileva KV, Buffalo V, Bailey P, Pearce S, Ayling S, Tabbita F, Soria M, Wang S, Consortium I, Akhunov E, Uauy C, Dubcovsky J (2013) Genome Biol.14(6):R66. OPEN ACCESS