Luis Yanes

Senior Software Developer

Luis Yanes


Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 821



As a Scientific Computing Specialist I'm working closely with faculty and researchers at the Earlham Institute. This role serves as a technical domain expert in supporting and advising faculty on using High Performance Computing (HPC) for their research and grant writing.

My responsibilities are:

  • Compiling, debugging, optimising, profiling and porting of applications on EI computer systems.
  • Improving parallel scaling and load balancing of research codes and work flows.
  • Assisting scientific researchers with data management best practices and policies. 
  • Consulting and interacting with faculty and their research groups on a one-to-one basis to enable them to fully utilise the EI computational resources and other national computational resources for their scientific research.
  • Designing, creating and presenting tutorials, hands-on workshops, and documentation. 
  • Supporting the Scientific Computing Group in evaluating novel compute and storage technologies for Bioinformatics.

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