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Oleg Raitskin

Postdoctoral Scientist



  • +44 1603 450 898


I am an OpenPlant postdoctoral researcher in Nicola Patron’s lab at EI. OpenPlant is a collaborative research initiative between the University of Cambridge, John Innes Centre and the Earlham Institute. This initiative, which is funded by BBSRC and EPSRC, has several goals, including developing new tools and methods for plant synthetic biology and providing mechanisms for open sharing of standardised resources. My projects involve adapting and expanding the existing “toolbox” of genome editing technologies in plants. We focus on CRISPR/Cas as a method of choice for genome editing in plants.

Several limitations, however, exist which restrict broader implementation of this technology in plants, such as variable efficiency of editing at different targets, off target editing, inefficient inheritance of the created mutations, limited ability to edit several targets, limited selection of targets/PAMs and necessity to segregate CRISPR/Cas9 from the induced mutations. Specifically, my projects involve comparative analysis of the efficiency and off target activity of CRISPR/Cas variants and configurations, DNA-free editing and CRISPR/Cas assisted targeted repair in plant genomes. For these projects, I will exploit Earlhams Institute’s advanced NextGen sequencing capabilities to detect and estimate editing events.