Agatha Treveil

Research Scientist


Whilst studying for my BSc Biology at the University of Bath, I undertook a placement year in the Computational Biology department of the biotechnology company Oxford Gene Technology. This work captured my interest in Bioinformatics and Genomics and led me to the Earlham Institute, where I am currently a Research Scientist having just completed my PhD.

Funded by the BBSRC and in collaboration with Lindsay Hall from the Quadram Institute, my project focuses on understanding the biology behind the beneficial traits of Bifidobacterium. The gut bacteria will be tested under various conditions to generate transcriptomic and metabolomics datasets which will be integrated and studied in order to reconstruct biological networks and models. The computational platform developed will provide the setting in which to disentangle the molecule specific interactions between strains and species that would be central to understand microbes and how they respond in the gut environment and thus impact human health.