Aidan Budd

Head of ELIXIR-UK Co-ordination office


Community engagement in STEM has been the focus of my work more than seven years. I currently head the Coordination Office of ELIXIR-UK, the UK node of the ELIXIR distributed infrastructure for life science information. The main focus of this role is on ensuring and facilitating effective required communication between ELIXIR-UK Consortium Members (public research institutions within the UK) and the ELIXIR Hub, and on Node and strategy development for ELIXIR-UK.

Previously at the EI, I worked in the Korcsmáros Group managing projects building business development and community outreach for tools and events developed by the group focused on signalling networks and data integration, pipelining, and visualisation. Amongst others these include the SignaLink tool, providing access to hand-curated networks of signalling molecules in model organisms, and the Interdisciplinary Signaling Workshop.

Prior to the EI, I worked for 10 years at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), in Heidelberg, with Toby Gibson, managing a range of community and training projects for bioinformatics, including building community and shared resources for bioinformatics users across the laboratory, and organising a range of Wellcome Trust and EMBO funded workshops and practical courses. I also did my bioinformatics PhD at EMBL, and between my positions at EMBL, was a book commissioning editor at Wiley-VCH publishers.

I am a strong advocate of Open Science, and have organised many events focused promoting open collaboration and interaction for scientists, including the Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics series of events (running since 2012) and sessions at a range of international conferences.