Angel Chandwani

Undergraduate Year in Industry Student
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Personal Pronouns: She/Her

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Angel Chandwani

I am an Undergraduate Year in Industry Placement student. Prior to joining Earlham institute, I studied Biomedical Science at the postgraduate and undergraduate level at Nottingham Trent University. At the Earlham Institute I am working with Ross Low in the Hall Group to develop a novel kmer-based approach for rapid assessment of microbial communities.

During my masters research project, I built an epidemiological model using the programming language python to better understand the spread of Covid-19.

My undergraduate project involved understanding the regulation of transcription factor E2F7 using PCR site-directed mutagenesis. E2F7 plays a critical role in controlling cell cycle proliferation, repression of DNA replication genes and DNA damage response making it a potential target for activator drugs to control cancer cell growth. Therefore, studying the pathways that help maintain its stability is critical to make full use of its functional capacity.