Dezso Modos

Visiting Scientist
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  • +44 (0)1603 255000

I have completed my medical degree at Semmelweis University. During that time, I got interested in computational systems biology. Then I completed my PhD under Katalin Lenti at the Semmelweis University focusing on networks of cancer cells and understanding the role of paralogues in signalling. Besides, I was also involved in the development of multiple databases transcription factor target layers. I learned basic scripting, statistical analysis and network analysis.

Then I moved to Cambridge to Andreas Bender’s group as a Postdoctoral scientist where I worked in cheminformatics using various machine learning techniques ( Here, I used my network biological knowledge to understand drug toxicity and synergy.

My current projects are focusing on understanding ulcerative colitis pathogenesis and on deciphering host-microbe interactions in the different cell types of the gut using various network biological methods.