Emma Langan

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Emma Langan

I studied Infectious Diseases with a focus on microbiology at the University of Edinburgh and graduated in 2015.  My honours project was genetic identification of zoonotic trypanosomiasis strains in cattle, which sparked my interest in genomics and bioinformatics.  I completed an MSc in Bioinformatics, also at the University of Edinburgh, in 2017.  My MSc research project mainly involved genome assembly and analysis, I also created a genomic database and browser and performed DNA sequencing using the Nanopore MinION portable real-time long read sequencer.  In October 2017 I moved to Norwich to begin a PhD at the UEA.  My project is focussed on using the Nanopore MinION for real-time metagenomic sequencing of polar ocean samples to monitor polar microbe populations.  The project is a proof of concept for the use of Nanopore MinION sequencing of polar microbes (mainly phytoplankton) in situ on-board research ships.  This will give researchers real-time information on what species are present in sample locations and allow for monitoring of the effect of climate change on polar microbe communities.