Evanthia Samota

PhD Student


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Evanthia Samota

Evanthia has a background in Human biology from the University of Nicosia Cyprus, after transferring from the University of Birmingham Medical School, when she discovered her passion for research. In 2015, she attended The University of Manchester Masters in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology course, which although an intense course, she enjoyed all of the computational biology and bioinformatics topics,  especially learning to code for the first time. She is now undertaking her PhD under the supervision of Dr Rob Davey as an industrial collaboration project with the publishing journal eLife. Her provisional project title is: "Reproducing computational genomics experiments in situ through the publication journal eLife".

The overall aim for this project is to build a platform as well as computational components that would allow for an interactive figure within a paper, so that anyone reading a genomics article could interact with the data, the analysis workflow and the output in a dynamic way. This would serve as to save time and resources for repeating the experiments as well as allowing users to pose more biological questions given that they can visualise the data in more interactive ways.