Paul Bailey



Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 103

I am member of the Plant Genomics group working on a project to develop a gene family toolkit in Cyverse that will enable the analysis of new sequence data and its integration into a phylogenetics context. The aim is to enable the study of gene expansion and contraction in groups of closely related genes across different individuals of the same species.

I joined the Earlham Institute in 2012 as a scientific programmer to work in bread wheat genomics and was involved in identifying induced mutations from a wheat TILLING population using an exome capture approach. The resulting database of mutations is now providing an excellent functional genomics resource for both basic and applied wheat research ( Originally trained as a plant molecular biologist, l obtained an MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Manchester and worked as a bioinformatician at the John Innes Centre for six years before joining EI.