Peter Osborne

PhD student


Personal Pronouns: He/Him

Contact details:

Peter is a PhD student in the Haerty Group, studying the potential of a link between the intestinal microbiome of two mice species and the environment in which the mice live. Prior to starting at Earlham Institute he studied at the Universities of Birmingham and Durham, before taking time out of academia to work in both the public and private sectors.

He is greatly interested in microbial ecology and hopes to use his time at Earlham Institute to explore the field in more depth, believing that the microscopic world may well harbour some solutions to the most challenging issues of our time. The possibility of links between the environment and the microbiome is especially relevant given the issues we face with ongoing climate change.

When not at a computer Peter enjoys taking advantage of everything Norwich has to offer from beautiful scenery in the Broads, a rich diet of cultural events and some of the finest restaurants in the UK.