Samuel Witham

PhD Student


Contact details:

  • +44 1603 450 911


Samuel Witham

As a member of the Synthetic Biology team led by Nicola Patron, I am investigating the evolution of cis-regulatory elements in plant promoters. Using a synthetic biology approach, I am analysing genomic datasets and utilising iterative ‘design-build-test-learn’ engineering cycles.

Specifically, I am exploring the relationship between sequence and function in the promoters of both constitutive and responsive genes, with an aim to produce minimal synthetic regulatory elements for use in plant biotechnology.

Prior to joining the Earlham Institute, I completed my MBiol in biology at the University of York, where I looked at the role of pectin in the saccharification of rice straw for biofuels production, and I spent a placement year at the North York Moors National Park working in conservation.