Vladimir Uzun

Visiting Scientist


I am currently working at Earlham Institute as a Turing Institute Research Fellow in the Evolutionary Genomics Group led by Dr Wilfried Haerty, working on applying deep learning to gene regulatory network problems. Current gene‐gene and gene‐protein interaction networks - which are the cornerstone of fulfilling their biological function - are very poorly characterised. My project aims to apply the latest developments in machine learning to reconstruct regulatory networks across human tissues in order to predict and quantify the functional impact of genetic variation.

Prior to this role I worked with the Core Bioinformatics Group led by Dr David Swarbreck in January 2019. I work on providing single-cell bioinformatics support through pipeline development and tailored experiment analysis, mostly with 10X and Smart-Seq2 approaches.

Before EI, I was a Bioinformatics PhD student at the University of Sheffield where I used machine learning algorithms to analyse the representativeness of cancer cell lines as models for patient cancer samples.

I obtained my MSc in Computer Science at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.