Yana Sizentsova

Postdoctoral Research Scientist
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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Anthony Hall Group at the Earlham Institute, specialising in plant genetics and bioinformatics.

My research focuses on understanding the architecture of the circadian clock in wheat. To achieve my goals, I am going to generate DAP-seq data for key regulators of circadian rhythms and plan to develop and apply spatial transcriptomic protocol to investigate how cell state affects the clocks.

Prior to joining Earlham Institute, I finished my PhD at Radboud University in the Netherlands, where I identified and validated genetic players of cold stress adaptation in plants.

During my PhD, I gained expertise in using a range of molecular and computational techniques, with a particular focus on CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing and transcriptomics. I am passionate about plant science and the potential for genetics to improve crop productivity and sustainability.