Research group

Korcsmáros Group

Exploring host-microbe interactions and signalling networks.

Group activities.

The Korcsmáros Group utilises bioinformatics methods and develops workflows for the computational analysis of gut-microbe interactions, and then experimentally validates them in its wet lab resources and works across both the Earlham Institute and Quadram Institute.

We focus on the connection between the host and microbes, and monitor the changes in host autophagy (cellular self-degradation) affected by the microbiota (pathogens, commensals or probiotics). We investigate this cross-kingdom connection through direct interaction (e.g., protein-protein interactions, miRNAs), surface connections (through receptors) and via vesicles (exosomes called OMVs). We are particularly interested in these effects in the context of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), especially in ulcerative colitis and colon cancer.

Our insights into the modulation of gut health by pathogens (and probiotics), could help us to propose prognosis markers for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colon cancer, and to identify pitfalls of specific antibiotic treatments for intestinal homeostasis.

The Korcsmáros group maintains web resources including SignaLink, NRF2-ome, and the Autophagy Regulatory Network database. SignaLink is among the top 10 signalling network resources according to independent evaluations, and received more than 35,000 visitors in the past year. Recently, as a translational work, the group has launched the development of TGAC’s NavigOmix, an integrated software solution and workflow management tool to allow other research groups and SMEs to easily perform systems biology and ‘omics meta-analysis projects without advanced expertise in computational biology and programming.


Collaborators in Norwich

Vertebrate Health and Genomics group of Federica Di-Palma, Earlham Institute (EI)

Computational Microbiology group of Jozsef Baranyi, Institute of Food Research (IFR)

The Salmonella molecular epidemiology group of Robert A. Kingsley, IFR

The mucosal immunology group of Simon Carding, IFR

The autophagy and cell biology unit of Tom Wileman, UEA BMRC

Other collaborators

Molecular Interaction Team of Sandra Orchard, EMBL-EBI

Computational Biomedicine group of Julio Saez-Rodrigues, RWTH-Aachen University

Molecular Informatics group of Andreas Bender, Cambridge

The Cancer / Fibroblast group of Georg Klein, Karolinska

The Cancer and Inflammation group of Ruth Nussinov, NCI

The Network science (LINK group) of Peter Csermely, Semmelweis University

The Genetics groups of Tibor Vellai, Eotvos University