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Ryan Joynson

Senior Postdoctoral Scientist


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Ryan Joynson


I work as a bioinformatician/molecular biologist in Anthony Hall’s group. My work involves creating and developing bioinformatics tools and workflows for the analysis of large next-generation sequencing datasets for variant calling, gene expression, GWA and Mapping by sequencing. 

At EI I work on an International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) grant with collaborators at CIMMYT, University of Lancaster and the Australian National University. The aim of the project is to exploit genetic diversity in wheat diversity panels recently created at CIMMYT to increase wheat yield and biomass production. We are carrying out genotyping/field phenotyping of >1000 wheat lines for a GWAS looking into the genetic association of photosynthetic efficiency and biomass production to identify trait associated markers. Alongside this, I am also working on association of drought tolerance with SNPs derived from genic capture of the diverse landrace panel, the Watkins collection.

Prior to arriving at EI I worked at the University of Liverpool on the CyVerse UK project, creating bioinformatics workflows for the wheat community. I completed my PhD at the University of Salford during which I carried out metagenomic studies of mollusc gut microbiomes in order to identify new cell wall degrading enzymes of interest to the biofuel industry.


Mapping-by-sequencing in complex polyploid genomes using genic sequence capture: a case study to map yellow rust resistance in hexaploid wheat

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Characterization of cellulolytic activity in the gut of the terrestrial land slug Arion ater: Biochemical identification of targets for intensive study

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SMRT Gate: A method for validation of synthetic constructs on Pacific Biosciences sequencing platforms

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Metagenomic analysis of the gut microbiome of the common black slug Arion ater in search of novel lignocellulose degrading enzymes

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Hidden variation in polyploid wheat drives local adaptation

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Harnessing genetic potential of wheat germplasm banks through impact-oriented-prebreeding for future food and nutritional security

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Analysis of the gut microbiome of the common black slug Arion ater: In search of novel lignocellulose degrading enzymes

Joynson RE (2015).