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Sam Rowe

Public Engagement Officer

Sam Rowe


Sam is a public engagement officer working within EI's Communications Team. His focus is the Darwin Tree of Life (DToL) project that aims to sequence the genomes of all eukaryotes in the British Isles. Sam will support the project through public engagement activities that aim to raise awareness of the importance of studying genomes to help understand, protect and benefit from biodiversity.

He previously completed a PhD in chemistry at the University of East Anglia (2013-2018) and then pursued work in science education and communication. After his PhD, he worked as a science writer and presenter at ed-tech company Developing Experts and then as a project coordinator for Norwich Science Festival, before joining EI. He is also a city coordinator for Pint of Science in Norwich, a festival where researchers explain their latest findings to the public at pubs/cafés and via social media.


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