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Scientific Advances in Agriculture

The Earlham Institute (EI) will be hosting the event: ‘Scientific Advances in Agriculture’ in conjunction with Agri-Tech Week 2018 on Monday 5th November on the Norwich Research Park. Experts at the Earlham Institute will be showcasing technologies such as next generation sequencing, high performance computing, in-field technology and the DNA Foundry to address agricultural issues to support farmers, breeders, growers, researchers and the wider industry.

Start date:

05 November 2018

End date:

05 November 2018


18h00 - 21h30


Earlham Institute



Registration deadline:

24 October 2018



About the event.

What is the workshop about?

In conjunction with Agri-Tech Week 2018 experts at the Earlham Institute (EI) will be showcasing technologies that address agricultural issues that impact the region. EI heads of department and group leaders will discuss insights into biomanufacturing insect pheromones as an alternative method to pest control and factors that impact wheat growth.

There will also be demonstrations of cutting edge technologies including an in-field crop monitoring system and live genome sequencing. Our hope is that this workshop will facilitate connections and discussions between scientists on the Norwich Research Park and the local farming community.


To facilitate a dialogue and foster relationships with the agricultural community. Who could potentially implement EI research to being at the forefront of agricultural processes within the region. By increasing the our understanding of the requirements and interests of the agricultural community. These key stakeholders could potentially implement the scientific research, at EI, to exciting applications; meaning the work at EI would resonate and positively impact the region.

Target audience:

Individuals wanting to be involved with current agri-tech innovations. Meaning this workshop would be of interest to agri-based businesses, that encompasses entrepreneurial farmers, breeders, growers and the wider industry. This workshop would also be of interest to researchers who wish to ascertain how their work could benefit the local agricultural community.



Spaces Available:



05 November 2018



18:00 - 18:25


18:25 - 18:30

Welcoming Address

18:30 - 19:10

Carousel Activities

MinION live genome sequencing demonstration
Biomanufacturing insect pheromones to control agricultural pests
In field crop monitoring system demonstration
Wheat event tbc

19:10 - 20:30

Tour of EI facilities and refreshments

Next generation sequencing (NGS) laboratory tour
DNA Foundry laboratory tour
High performance computing (HPC) suite tour
Networking and refreshments

20:30 - 21:30

Transforming Food Production Workshop

How can NGS impact agriculture?
How does synthetic biology impact agriculture?
Can in-field AI/Robotics help increase crop yield?
What can genomics do for crop advancement?

21:30 - 21:45

Departures and Networking

Further information.

This event is in conjunction with Agri-Tech East’s Agri-Tech Week 2018

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