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Scientific Computing Group

Advancing bioscience through world-class scientific computing support.

Rob Davey

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Rob Davey

Group activities

A primary objective of the Scientific Computing Group is to work very closely with EI researchers to enable them to make the most efficient and effective use of the High-Performance Computing infrastructure at EI. This includes code debugging, profiling and optimisation, support with developing job batch submission scripts, file I/O tuning and the development of ongoing user training and documentation.

The EI Scientific Computing Group carry out these activities in partnership with the core Computing Infrastructure for Science (CiS) team who administer the HPC compute and storage resources. This includes the planning and procurement of new infrastructure for the refresh or replacement of existing resources.

In association with leading technology partners, the Scientific Computing Group also undertake research and evaluation of new software tools and hardware technologies that can improve user productivity and software performance. The group also publish whitepapers, articles and present talks both internally and externally on these activities.

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