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Anthony Duncan

PhD Student

Anthony Duncan


I am a Computer Science PhD student registered at UEA, working with the Technology and Algorithms Group. I graduated in 2006 from UEA with a degree in American and English Literature, and then returned to UEA in 2018 study for a Computer Science MSc, having been a hobby programmer for many years.

My dissertation with Dr Katharina Huber reimplimented the Lasso method for constructing a rooted pylogenetic tree from an incomplete distance matrix, and we also extended this approach to construct unrooted trees.

This project began my interests in bioinformatics research, and I began my PhD again at UEA shortly after. My project is to develop ways to integrate metagenomic and related metadata (temperature, salinity etc) using big-data techniques, to hopefully allow the discovery of patterns in these related datasets.

The metagenomic data we will be focussing on will come from polar microbe communities.