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As a leading life science research institute, we use genomics and data-intensive bioscience to answer complex biological questions.

Our collaborative approach to research is generating knowledge, developing new technologies, and enabling us to upskill and train the next generation of scientists to help address urgent global issues.

We are committed to supporting the translation of our research through strategic partnerships, research collaborations, student placements and employee exchanges, training, consultancy, contract research, services, or licensing.

The Earlham Institute is realising the impact of publicly-funded research by creating new products and providing services to create new jobs, increase revenue, and through wider societal benefits, such as improving public health, improving sustainability, or aiding conservation.

We have cutting-edge infrastructure and platforms, staffed by expert scientists and technicians, including the latest sequencing platforms and some of the most powerful High-Performance Computing systems installed in the UK.

We have unique experience with model and non-model organisms and generating high-quality genomes from diploid organisms to massively polyploid plants, including from very small input material from single cells, bacteria, and endangered species.

Our Business Development and Impact Team can connect you with the appropriate experts and welcome enquiries from organisations of all kinds.

Ways to work with EI.

Harness the skills, knowledge, and innovation of EI's scientists by partnering with us.

We welcome opportunities to apply jointly for grant funding and carry out collaborative research in areas of specific interest to you.

Contact us to find out more, or visit the projects and groups pages to get a flavour of our expertise, technology and platforms.

Gain an insight into our projects and know-how through staff exchange.

We support the movement of colleagues to and from industry in different fields, while encouraging our staff to explore different environments and develop new skills. We also welcome visiting workers as we know it often leads to invaluable progress, new exciting ideas, and best practice evolution.

Have a dedicated student working in your company whilst accessing academic expertise and facilities.

Your organisation could benefit from sponsoring a dedicated student working on your R&D programme while accessing academic expertise and facilities at the Earlham Institute.

PhD students can provide an excellent link in successful collaborations looking to solve novel problems. Together, we will source a talented, highly-skilled student who will work under the supervision of our experienced scientific staff to address a specific problem you have in mind.

The Institute is a long-standing supporter of industrial CASE Studentships. This scheme allows PhD students to engage in research relevant to industry and benefit from a training experience that combines an academic and industrial focus, to develop business awareness.

We are one of the partners that comprise the Norwich Research Park Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership (NRPDTP) programme, a UKRI-BBSRC funded PhD training programme.

Achieve your strategic goals in partnership with the Earlham Institute.

We’ve built long-term relationships with industrial partners, charities, and Government Departments and work with them to explore mutually relevant strategic areas. Each collaboration is defined based on the scope and appropriate format for the specific partners.

We are always interested in long-term strategic partnerships based on shared interests and that create mutual value. These can include realising impact through research collaborations, student placements, joint industry projects, developing intellectual property, and learning from the insights of different technology sectors and markets.

Access the Institute’s specialist knowledge, expertise, and facilities through bespoke projects.

If you’re looking to address a particular research challenge your organisation might be facing, seeking specialist expertise and resources to enable you to develop new products and services, or interested in accessing new markets to get ahead of the competition, the Earlham Institute would love to hear from you.

We work with a range of businesses, from small, growing companies to established international groups, spanning fields as diverse as agriculture, biotech, medtech, pharma, and national security.

We deliver hands-on training courses and workshops in cutting-edge genomics, bioinformatics and high-performance computing.

We offer specialist training facilities and compute resources to deliver our training programme, addressing a shortage of key skills in the life sciences sector necessary to undertake research in the data-intensive era.

Our training programme encompasses short workshops on specific software or vital programming skills through to week-long, hands-on courses that allow delegates to follow complete research workflows. We train national and international researchers across all career levels.

Access our technology

Earlham Institute has cutting-edge technology platforms, staffed by expert scientists and technicians, including the latest genome sequencing and single-cell platforms, laboratory automation, and some of the most powerful high-performance computing systems installed in the UK.

Contact us to find out how our technology platforms might support your project or visit one of the links below.

How to work with us.

Please contact the Business Development and Impact Team to explore these options and learn more about how your organisation can work with the Earlham Institute.

We also deliver external engagement activities, for example our annual EI Innovate event, industry seminars, and other bespoke workshops, conferences, symposia, and open days that will give you insights into key areas of research and learn how you could benefit from working with us.

Check our events calendar regularly to get an insight into key areas of research and learn how you could benefit from working with us.

Please contact us for more information about networking events, exhibitions,conferences, forums and more.

Who we collaborate with.