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EI has a focus on Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation for the long-term delivery of social and economic impact from our research, world-class science and capability. Collaboration is central to our activities, enabling us to deliver tangible results for industry partners such as:

  • Advancing research and development at pre-competitive level
  • Improving sustainability and efficiency of your business
  • Positioning yourself at the forefront of industrial innovation
  • Accessing grant funding
  • Improving productivity and efficiency
  • Entering new markets
  • Developing new products and services
  • Increasing profitability
  • Gaining competitive advantage

We work with a range of businesses, from small, growing companies to established international groups, spanning fields as diverse as crop breeding, optical processing, national security, software tool development, precision farming and medical biotechnology.

Research impact at Earlham Institute (EI) is fundamentally underpinned by advances in computer science, data science and genomics enabling large scale analysis or investigation that was not possible before.

Despite being a young Institute, EI has an active Business Development and Impact team. Undertaken with both academic and industrial partners, the latter supporting the application of biotechnology - EI’s Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) activities’ forecasted growth is £235M over the next 25 years.

The Institute is committed to supporting translation of our research into applications that can deliver solutions to industrial challenges in global food security, improving human, animal and plant health, and impact for charity, conservation and environmental sectors. EI currently has 25 collaborative projects with industry, including five PhD Studentships.

Watch our videos for examples of our expertise, capabilities, and industrial partnerships. We welcome enquiries from organisations interested in working with us.

Ways to work with EI.

"Harness the skills, knowledge and expertise of EI's scientists through partnering with us"

Together we can drive innovation in applied research, address industry-wide problems and work to deliver solutions to global challenges of food and energy security, climate change, lifelong health and wellbeing.

We welcome opportunities to jointly apply for grant funding (link to funding opportunities section) and carry out collaborative research in the areas of specific interest to your organisation.

Visit the projects and groups pages to gain an insight into our current research.

"Achieve your strategic goals in partnership with EI"

We are committed to building long-term relationships with industrial partners and will work with them to explore the areas of strategic synergies, define the scope and appropriate format for the partnership.

To discuss whether EI can provide you with the right expertise, our Business Development and Impact team can put you in touch with the right scientists.

"Have a dedicated student working in your company whilst accessing academic expertise and facilities"

PhD students could be an excellent link in a successful collaboration which looks to solve problems relevant to your business. Together, we will source a talented, highly-skilled student, who will work under supervision of our experienced scientific staff to address any specific problem you have in mind.

EI is a supporter of industrial CASE Studentship. This scheme allows PhD students to engage in a challenging research training experience and to develop business awareness through working on a mutually beneficial research project.

The KEC team would be pleased to discuss these opportunities with interested partners as well as exploring other ways that studentships can support your business.

"Access expertise for your company by seconding a researcher. Investigate how our laboratories function. Get an insight into our projects and know-how through staff exchange."

EI supports movement of people to and from industry in different fields. We encourage our staff to explore different environments and develop new skills. We also welcome visiting workers as we know it often leads to invaluable progress, new exciting ideas and best practice evolution.

Talk to us about how we can explore exchange opportunities.

The EI Industry club is a membership-based program with the aim of fostering strong partnerships with industry. The Club is a forum for interaction and knowledge exchange with the focus on developing resources and services that will benefit our stakeholder communities.

Our mission is to disseminate cutting-edge discoveries to industry so here you get to learn about all the latest EI technologies and access our expertise. Here you will also be able to shape the services we providing by lending your insights and understanding of the market.

For further details enquire here.


Our service offering is constantly evolving to reflect our responsiveness to a rapidly changing environment.

We run seminars, open days and other events that will give you insights into key areas of research and allow you to contribute to important discussions about new technical and scientific advances.

See our industry events

We are always looking for knowledge exchange opportunities with industry and can boast specialist training facilities to deliver engaging events.

Please contact us for more information about networking events, exhibitions,conferences, forums and more.

EI has cutting-edge core facilities, including the latest Next Generation Sequencing platforms and some of the most capable High Performance Computing systems installed in the UK.

Staffed by dedicated scientists, very few sequencing centres have our level of experience with non-model organisms and working with data from massively polyploid plants, straightforward diploid model organisms, bacterial and fungal genomes, and endangered species.

High performance computing

National capability in genomics

Contact us to find out how our technology platforms might support your project.

"Confidential R&D projects fuelling your success"

If you are looking to address a particular research challenge your organisation might be facing or seeking specialist expertise and resources to start a project that will position you ahead of the competition, EI would love to hear from you.

Our dedicated Business Development and Impact team will work with you to identify the scope, aims, deliverables and most suitable framework for the project as delivered through Genome Enterprises Limited, our commercial subsidiary.

"Access EI’s specialist knowledge and expertise"

If you have a specific question in mind, you can get an expert advice from EI’s world-renowned scientists through the confidential consultancy service.

To discuss whether EI can provide you with the right expertise, our Business Development and Impact team can put you in touch with the right scientists.

Exploit new technology.

As an Institute at the forefront of computational biology research and through pioneering research into complex genomes such as bread wheat, EI has developed a number of specialised software solutions. With open-source and licensed approaches, EI software can help your business improve efficiency and reduce the costs associated with analysing large and complex data sets.

Our software developers are dedicated to solving problems in sequencing, genome analysis, infrastructural support for science and bioinformatics.

WIth state-of-the-art Next Generation Sequencing platforms and dedicated lab and project management teams, EI can provide a full service to meet your needs, including:

  • Advice on project strategy
  • Experimental design to maximise the power of your research
  • Appropriate technology selection
  • Full bioinformatics services from de novo assembly to resequencing, community profiling and epigenetic studies
  • Full range of transcriptomic analyses

Our Genomics Pipelines Group can help you find complete solutions to meet requirements of your organisation. We can undertake scientific tests on your behalf but also offer consultancy on setting up and the best way to get your answers.

EI has leading edge high-performance computing resources that help keep the UK at the forefront of genomics and computational bioscience.

Management of our HPC resources is undertaken by a centralised team who understand the issues associated with processing, analysing and storing vast amounts of complex data in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We welcome discussions to explore how our HPC infrastructure could be used to support your research data requirements.

Funding opportunities.

Many of today’s funding opportunities require industry-academia collaborations. EI has been successful across several funding streams including iCASE studentships, Innovate UK collaborative research and BBSRC Industrial Partnership Awards.

With a finger on the funding pulse, we aim to find the most suitable scheme for collaborative projects. You can find out about our successful, collaborative projects below.

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