Internships and opportunities.

We are passionate about the exciting research work that takes place at EI and understand the importance of inspiring the next generation of scientists to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become STEMM professionals. We offer a structured programme of internships and opportunities for varying age groups. Please note that we do not arrange individual work experience opportunities outside of the programmes we offer.

Under 16's.

Year 10 Science Camp

Delivered in partnership with other institutes on the Norwich Research Park (NRP) and administered through the John Innes Centre, the annual 2 week Year 10 Science Camp provides an exciting opportunity to experience life in a scientific lab, doing experiments and exploring the work of some of the world's best plant and microbial scientists.

Student applications are made online via Science Camp and are sifted by a panel of NRP partner representatives.

Year 10 Science Camp

Post-16 students.

Nuffield Research Placements

The Nuffield Research Placement scheme is open to students in the first year of a post-16 science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) course. Taking place over 4-6 weeks, between the end of July and August, this is a project focussed placement that will involve real challenges set by our scientists. The Nuffield Foundation administer applications and select candidates according to their selection criteria. This is an excellent way to develop skills and confidence in quantitative and scientific methods.

Students can apply online via Nuffield Foundation

Nuffield Research placements


International Undergraduate Summer School

The Undergraduate Summer School is a unique opportunity for undergraduates from all corners of the world to spend eight weeks at the Earlham Institute in collaboration with fellow Norwich Research Park institutes; The Sainsbury Laboratory and the John Innes Centre.

Projects available at Earlham Institute are:

  • Assessing the power of SNPs to distinguish wild and agricultural beet rust pathogens” – Mark McMullan and Helene Yvanne
  • RNA sequencing and expression analysis to identify differential genes and pathways between contrasting conditions in crops” – Jose de Vega
  • Combatting childhood enteric disease in Africa and Asia through computational genomics” – Neil Hall, Matt Bawn and Ross Low
Aerial view of Norwich Research Park. Credit: Anglia Innovation Partnership

Sponsored Summer Placements.

A number of schemes exist where grants are available to provide financial support for students interested in gaining research experience. Two examples are the Genetics society summer studentship award and the Sainsbury Undergraduate studentship. Such schemes require an academic sponsor and we are interested in hearing from enthusiastic and committed students on how we could partner to develop an exciting project application.

Please visit our Science Division page where you can identify a potential supervisor and a research area of interest. To register your interest please contact Emily Angiolini from our training team.

Sponsored summer placements

Year in Industry

Earlham’s Year in Industry programme offers two placements per academic year, and each of these provide different routes for students based on preferred skills development and academic requirements of the student’s university. Eligible students are those enrolled on a UK undergraduate degree course with a year in industry or a degree course offering an optional year out, who are not studying in either their first or final year and from one of the following disciplines: Biological sciences, Natural sciences, Biochemistry, Computer science, Mathematics, Physics.

Student placements run from mid-September to end of August, with project selection taking place mid-October.