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The Earlham Institute is pleased to receive expressions of interest from those who wish to hold Independent Research Fellowships. Mentored by senior Earlham Institute scientists, a fellowship at the Earlham Institute is an opportunity to develop as an independent researcher with access to bespoke training opportunities.


The Norwich Research Park is a research campus partnership comprised of the Earlham Institute, the John Innes Centre, the Quadram Institute, The Sainsbury Laboratory, the University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

The Park aims to deliver solutions to the global challenges of healthy ageing, food and energy security, sustainability and environmental change. It is an international centre of excellence in life and environmental sciences research with world-class expertise in the research and development pipeline from genomics and data analytics, global geochemical cycles and crop biology, through to food, health and human nutrition. This provides an excellent environment for the development of synergistic research. The successful candidates will be required to develop a research project in collaboration with other researchers within the park. In particular, we encourage proposals that address biological challenges relevant to the NRP that may necessitate:

  • New approaches to the analysis and interpretation of research data at scale such as: data visualisation, digital simulations, data integration and the handling of complex datasets arising from high throughput technologies.
  • Methods and strategies to address challenges arising in applying next generation sequencing to genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics and epigenomics.
  • Development of novel algorithms for the fast analysis of streaming data, in particular in the context of applications to rapid diagnostics and surveillance.


Eligibility will be dependent upon the relevant award requirements, however, to be considered by the Earlham Institute applicants should not hold, or have held, an academic position of lecture level (or the equivalent in institutions other than universities), nor should they have had an offer of such an appointment prior to the commencement of a fellowship, if awarded.

The Earlham Institute is an Equal Opportunities Employer and all qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. We especially encourage applications from women and minority ethnic communities.

Application Process.

Interested candidates are encouraged to initially contact research.office@earlham.ac.uk to discuss and develop their proposal to fit with the Institute’s scientific research strategy.

Applications should consist of:

1) a CV

2) a covering letter, and

3) an initial description of your research project proposal (no more than three pages).