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Scientific advisory board

The Scientific Advisory Board is an independent body which advises the Institute's Senior Management team and Trustee Directors on the strategic relevance, balance and quality of the research programme at the Institute. EI’s Trustee Board is responsible for the appointment of the members following consultation with the Patrons.

Past membership (2009 - 2023):

  • Prof Anne Osbourn - John Innes Centre
  • Jane Wilkinson - Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT
  • Prof John Sulston - University of Manchester
  • Prof Ernst Wit - Groningen, NL
  • Prof Mervyn Bibb - John Innes Centre
  • Dr Tina Barsby - NIAB
  • Dr Tony Smith - BioLauncher
  • Dr Ruth McNally -Lancaster University
  • Prof Enrico Coen - John Innes Centre
  • Prof Christine Orengo - University College London
  • Dr Jon Heal - Prosarix Ltd
  • Lord Calum Graham - Fleming Verity LLP
  • Dr Michael Quail
  • Dr Hermann Hauser - Amadeus Capital partners
  • Prof Mark Blaxter
  • Dr Joe Tohme
  • Prof Keith Edwards - University of Bristol
  • Prof Martien Groenen - Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre
  • Prof Jack Gilbert - Microbiome Center, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
  • Prof Katherine Belov - University of Syndey
  • Dr James Cuff - Harvard University
  • Dr Andy Phillips - Rothamsted Research
  • Prof Simon Hubbard, University of Manchester
  • Prof Geoff Barton, University of Dundee
  • Prof Ed Louis, University of Leicester
  • Prof Thomas Richards, University of Oxford
  • Dr Steve Rounsley, Applied Genomics Genus Plc
  • Dr Dawn Thompson, LifeMine