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Our Culture

The Earlham Institute can only achieve its objectives if individuals have the right environment, opportunities, and encouragement to grow and develop. Every member of staff and every student has a role to play, which is why our culture is one of the most valuable assets we have.

Our success is founded on a culture defined by six core values:

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We promote the dissemination of knowledge and distribution of data and software tools by following open and transparent data-sharing policies that are embedded in EI’s research programmes.

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Technical Excellence

We are committed to continuous improvement and expect everyone to work to the highest standards of quality.

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Developing and Rewarding Talent

We aim to recruit, train and retain highly skilled and talented people, with our alumni acting as ambassadors for the Institute.

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We develop and apply novel, state of the art technologies to deliver innovative approaches.

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We work collaboratively, internally and externally, through mutual respect and openness.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity

We recognise the value of diverse workplaces, with a commitment to creating fair and welcoming environments for everyone.

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Our success relies on each individual experiencing an environment where they feel able to meaningfully contribute and connect to their work, colleagues, and the wider mission of the Institute.

Working alongside our scientists are a range of operational and support staff, whose contributions are just as important. They help to create an environment where breakthroughs happen and ensure we maximise the potential of our work.

Through a diverse programme of training and support, regular feedback and reflection, committees and working groups, and a commitment to learning and improving, we constantly strive to strengthen our work culture and identify opportunities to improve.

We expect everyone at the Earlham Institute to share our vision, live our values, and actively contribute to a culture that celebrates diversity, promotes equality, and is inherently inclusive. This collective commitment empowers every member of staff and student to achieve their best.

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We have created a culture that we are proud of, centred on openness, technical excellence and innovation. We attract staff from all around the world who benefit from an environment that enables them to deliver world-class science alongside a supportive and social community. We are committed to the principles of the Athena SWAN charter, and value equality and diversity across our workforce.

We are committed to building and maintaining a workplace that treats every individual with dignity and respect. By taking an active approach to fostering inclusivity, diversity, equality and accessibility, we will empower our community to achieve more.

Our projects span the breadth of life sciences, as well as technology development, data infrastructure and knowledge exchange. We have a focus on genomics and bioinformatics, applied to plants, animals and microbes.

We work with organisations and partners to translate our knowledge and expertise, provide access to our facilities and platforms, and realise the impact of public investment in the Earlham Institute.

We are proud to attract talented scientists from all over the world, who bring with them vast experience in genomics, bioinformatics and scientific computing. Led by expert group leaders, our research groups are at the forefront in modern life sciences.