The TECAN robot in the EI sequencing labs, used during the LITE protocol

Transformative Genomics

This National Bioscience Research Infrastructure (NBRI) brings together specialist facilities, equipment, and expertise to translate the latest advances in genomics and bioinformatics into ground-breaking discoveries, innovation, and market opportunities. 

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Strategically funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), part of UKRI.


Transformative Genomics delivers critical support to our Institute Strategic Programmes - Cellular Genomics and Decoding Biodiversity - while providing scalable infrastructure for the benefit of the wider bioscience community, including tools and resources, training and collaboration, and specialist services.

The NBRI is delivered by three operational and faculty groups - Technical Genomics, Core Bioinformatics, and Technology Development - and is underpinned by two technology platforms, Single-Cell and Spatial Analysis and High-Performance Sequencing.

The key objectives are to:

  • Develop, evaluate, and validate new technologies, tools, and approaches for UK genome science, openly sharing protocols, software, and best practices with the wider bioscience community 
  • Provide academia and industry with access to cellular multi-omics and other data-intensive technologies at the frontiers of genomics, on a fee-for-service or collaborative basis 
  • Deliver a scalable infrastructure to support large, collaborative initiatives in bioscience genomics 
  • Enable and support the translation of advances in genomics and bioinformatics into real-world practice, in partnership with industry and other users

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We work with a range of organisations and partners to translate knowledge and expertise, provide access to our facilities and platforms, and realise the impact of public investment in the Earlham Institute.

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What are NBRIs?

The Earlham Institute was established as a national capability to promote the use of genomics in order to advance bioscience research and innovation in the UK. 

To deliver this, the Institute is home to two BBSRC-funded NBRIs - Transformative Genomics and the Earlham Biofoundry

The NBRIs provide the UK bioscience community with access to cutting-edge tools, technology, and our talented staff whose knowledge and expertise can help you to answer key biological questions and deliver impact.

As well as providing the sector with these facilities and platforms, the NBRIs are fundamental to mission delivery within the Earlham Institute. They play a central role in our strategic programmes - Decoding Biodiversity and Cellular Genomics - and offer a valuable enabling resource for all research groups based at EI.

Complemented by our data science infrastructure and Advanced Training programme, the two NBRIs mean the Institute offers a unique combination of expertise, facilities, training, and technology to drive life science research and innovation.

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To achieve our mission, we have set out strategic research themes to accelerate life science research, deliver global societal impact, and put the Earlham Institute at the forefront of advancing knowledge in the era of data-intensive biological research.

Our projects span the breadth of life sciences, as well as technology development, data infrastructure and knowledge exchange. We have a focus on genomics and bioinformatics, applied to plants, animals and microbes.

We are proud to attract talented scientists from all over the world, who bring with them vast experience in genomics, bioinformatics and scientific computing. Led by expert group leaders, our research groups are at the forefront in modern life sciences.