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ELIXIR UK All-Hands 2023

ELIXIR-UK All Hands: mobilising, uniting and empowering our community.

Start date: 07 November 2023
End date: 08 November 2023
Time: 09.00 - 17.00
Venue: Norwich City Football Club, Top of the City



*Open to affiliates of ELIXIR-UK Member Organisations and those working on ELIXIR-related projects

Registration deadline: 31 October 2023
Cost: Free to register (but you must be eligible to attend see above)

About the event

The annual ELIXIR-UK All Hands brings together our 25 ELIXIR-UK member institutions to:

  • Discover new opportunities and share experiences on how to get involved in ELIXIR activities
  • Network with key players working on life science data infrastructure across the UK
  • Participate in the development of ELIXIR-UK strategy, delivery and community.

This two-day meeting, which this year is hosted by Earlham Institute, is open to anyone from a member organisation or looking to get involved in ELIXIR-UK – whether you are already engaged in an ELIXIR activity or want to find out more about joining and reap the benefits of membership. 

Members of ELIXIR-UK


Why attend the All Hands meeting?

2023 has been an exciting time for ELIXIR-UK. While research data, software, FAIR and open science is at the forefront of news and funding calls both nationally and internationally, 

ELIXIR-UK’s long-standing establishment has allowed members to:

  • Lead international European alliances and participate in a basket of Horizon Europe and EC consortia. 
  • Initiate ‘BioFAIR: a National methods and data commons for UK Life Science’, leading to UK funders announcing investments in Digital Research Infrastructure
  • Pioneer new Data Stewardship Fellowship programme, which we are proud to report other ELIXIR Nodes have now followed suit.  

We have even more ground-breaking collaborations on tools, resources, data management and training across the UK, with our European sister Nodes and with international partners in the USA NIH, Australia BioCommons and beyond. 

Who is the ELIXIR-UK All Hands meeting for?

This year, our All Hands theme is inclusivity. The researchers, developers, data stewards, and administrators of all our organisations can benefit from the extensive networking, collaborations, knowledge exchange and project participation opportunities that ELIXIR offers. The UK benefits from the skills, resources and experience of all of our members working together and working with our European partners. 

You may have recently joined the community and need a 101 introduction to get the grips of ELIXIR and leverage its network's potential. You may be a long-standing member, participating in numerous calls, projects and communities of ELIXIR-UK but have yet to meet the colleagues with whom you share a Zoom room almost weekly.

Every member's voice takes centre stage at this year's All Hands. Join us in discussing how to get involved in EU projects, sharing experiences on participating in ELIXIR Europe communities, learning on the success of our teams or simply ask us anything you want.

This year, you shape the conversation. This year, it's about every participants’ needs and building an engaged community that truly represents our UK network’s diversity and broad knowledge.

Join us and don’t miss out!

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Register today.

Registration deadline: 31 October 2023