Event Scientific training

Exploring Biofoundries: automation, applications and techniques in engineering biology

A two-day practical and theoretical course covering Biofoundries high throughput applications, DoE (design of experiments) and Engineering Biology pipelines.

Start date: 10 October 2024
End date: 11 October 2024
Time: 10.00 - 17.00
Venue: Earlham Institute (Norwich UK)
Organiser: Carolina Grandellis
Registration deadline: 08 September 2024
Cost: £225

About the event

This two-day course covers a diverse range of topics from Biofoundries applications including automated workflows using robotic platforms, Design of Experiment (DoE) approaches, Engineering Biology pipelines and includes practical sessions.

The course will consist of a mixture of lectures and practical sessions.  

Day one will introduce biofoundries, automation, and engineering biology, exploring different automation platforms and their potential applications. 

We will have a lecture introducing Design of Experiments in engineering biology, an Introduction to modular cloning and miniaturisation of reactions; and practical sessions including a Biolector run.

Day two will focus on the setting up and execution of DNA assemblies using the Echo650, mastering protocol preparation with the Protocol Designer tool in the Opentrons and using the Opentrons for bacterial transformation of the DNA assemblies. 

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout as well as dedicated wrap-ups sessions at the end of each day of the workshop to ask any remaining questions.  

What will I learn?

  • An overview of Biofoundries, automation, and Engineering Biology applications for scalability and innovation
  • Principles and Best practice in Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Introduction to Modular Cloning and Golden Gate strategies
  • Planning and hands-on experience in automated workflows using the platforms Biolector, Echo650 and Opentrons and associated softwares.

Who is this event for?

This course is for scientists with an interest in learning automation, high scale experimentation and synthetic biology approaches. This workshop is open to PhD students, Postdocs, technical staff and those involved in service provision from both an academic and industry setting.


Familiar with GLP and basic knowledge of microbiology and/or molecular biology. 


Lesley Ives from the Earlham Biofoundry demonstrating how to use the Opentrons robot at a recent training event

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Registration deadline: 08 September 2024

Participation: First come, first served