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Externally/Self-funded PhD Studentships.

The Earlham Institute welcomes applications from postgraduate students who have, or hope to gain, external scholarships or who wish to self-fund their studies.

Become a PhD student.

The Earlham Institute (EI) was established in 2009 to bring together expertise in biosciences, biotechnology, bioinformatics and high performance computing to answer ambitious biological questions. Our research programmes take data-driven approaches to decoding living systems and understanding their complex functions, diversity and how they interact with their environments. Though still a young institute, we have already gained a reputation for training multidisciplinary scientists, equipped with diverse skills sought after across academia and industry.

Self funded phd hero


Interested in applying?

Step 1: Identify a research area of interest by visiting our Science Division

Step 2: Contact a potential primary supervisor at EI to see whether they are able to support a postgraduate research student. Discuss and agree a project description suitable for a masters or doctoral degree.

Step 3: Complete an application form via the University of East Anglia (UEA) and propose the area of research you are interested in. Guidance on making an application can be found here.