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Jon Wright

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Jon Wright


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I am part of the Assembly and Algorithms Development team focusing on algorithms for de novo genome assembly and analysis of complex genomes. I joined the Earlham Institute to work on the wheat Chromosome Survey Sequence project and generated chromosome assemblies for the 42 arms of hexaploid wheat. Since then, I have been involved in other projects and collaborations including generating a genome assembly for Primula vulgaris to elucidate the structure of the S locus region controlling heteromorphic flower development and using sequence capture to characterise a population of Brassica rapa EMS mutants. 

My first degree was in Chemistry, then I completed a MSc in Information Technology before working in the commercial software industry for several years. I received my PhD from the John Innes Centre working on the model grass Brachypodium distachyon and comparative genomics in the grass family.


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