Angela Man

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist


Contact details:

  • +44 1603 450 956

I have PhD in Plant Molecular Biology from University of Bristol which involved the molecular characterisation and manipulation of a protein kinase in potato. Since then, I have diversified and expanded my skills and techniques, working on several cell biology and immunology projects at the Institute of Food Research and more recently, the University of East Anglia.
These projects include an in vitro study of the role of a specialised immune cell type of the gut in clearance of particulate antigens, looking at immune cells and cytokines involved in allergy, dissecting the mechanism for clearance of pathogens in the gut by dendritic cells, ascertaining immune changes in ageing human gut, looking at the effects of faecal microbial transplantation in the gut, brain and systemic immunity of ageing mice and finally, studying the changes in immune cells of transgenic autophagy-deficient mice.

I joined the Earlham Institute as a Postdoctoral Researcher in September 2017 to work on the project “Understanding influenza A virus: linking transmission, evolutionary dynamics, pathogenesis and immunity in pigs”. I am currently a Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the Nieduszynski Group.