Huihai Wu

Senior Bioinformatician
Huihai Wu


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I joined the Earlham Institute in June 2024 as a Senior Bioinformatician within the Papatheodorou group. My current role focuses on developing single-cell RNA-seq analysis pipelines and contributing to the design and implementation of data and metadata standards for spatial transcriptomics technologies. 

I work closely with other members of the Papatheodorou group, bioinformaticians in the Core Bioinformatics Group, the COPO team, and the Galaxy team.

Before joining EI, I was a bioinformatician fascinated by how biochemical species work together from a systems perspective. This interest led me to spend considerable time studying gene regulatory networks and metabolite networks during my PhD at Brunel University and my tenure as a Bioinformatics Experimental Officer at the University of Surrey. 

I am also interested in developing novel bioinformatics tools and applications, such as MUFINS, a simulation tool for molecular interaction networks in living cells. I possess extensive hands-on experience in data analysis, aiming to unravel the secrets of life from diverse biological data, including NGS data, transcriptomics data, metagenomics data, and clinical data. 

Single-cell technologies, in particular, hold the potential to provide insights into disease mechanisms, and I am hopeful that understanding regulatory information between cells will contribute to personalized treatment.