Irene Papatheodorou

Head of Data Science
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Prof Irene Papatheodorou is the Head of Data Science at the Earlham Institute.

Irene leads a group of skilled data-led scientists, focusing on:

  • developing software and metadata standards for openly and reproducibly sharing different types of omics data and images
  • decoding phenotypes using single-cell genomics.

Previously, Irene led the Gene Expression team at EMBL-EBI where she developed the Single Cell Expression Atlas, EMBL-EBI’s core resource for single cell transcriptomics data. 

At EBI she led community efforts for developing the first metadata standards and standardised analysis workflows for single-cell RNA-Seq data. 

She continues to contribute to large-scale cell atlas projects such as the Human Cell Atlas, Plant Cell Atlas and Biodiversity Cell Atlas.

Irene holds a BSc in Genetics from University College London, MSc in Bioinformatics and a PhD in Computer Science from Imperial College London.