Close up of algae in a photo bioreactor

Artificial realities: copying wild microbial communities in the lab

Microbiomes play host to sitcom dramas at a microscopic scale. Earlham Institute Group Leader Dr Ruben Garrido-Oter is investigating how we can understand these complex and sometimes tempestuous associations.

Norwich Single Cell Symposium 2023 takes place 03 May 2023 at the Earlham Institute in Norwich.

Norwich Single-Cell Symposium 2023

Now in its sixth year, the Norwich Single-Cell Symposium at Earlham Institute covers single-cell genomics technologies and their application in microbial, plant, animal and human health and disease.

Digital graphic of various bacteria types

New insights into resistance to antimicrobials could stop bacteria in their tracks

The rise in untreatable bacterial infections is one of the top 10 health threats currently facing humanity. In the first of a three-part series, we discover how the Earlham Institute is tackling this existential threat.

Close up on the eyepiece of the Leica microscope with a blurred out background

Single-cell and spatial genomics: from isolation through to analysis

Whether you are looking for research collaboration, contract research or training on single-cell platforms, our platforms provide access to cutting-edge cell sorting and single-cell genomics infrastructure and expertise.

The Earlham Institute (EI) is a hub of life science research, training, and innovation focused on understanding the natural world through the lens of genomics. Our mission is to decode the scale and complexity of living systems so we can understand, benefit from, and protect life on Earth.

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