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Tackling the Agri Challenge with Genomics

Tackling agriculture challenges with next-generation sequencing and high-performance computing technologies.

Start date: 08 November 2016
End date: 08 November 2016
Time: 18h00 - 21h30
Venue: Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK
Registration deadline: 08 November 2016
Cost: Free

About the event

On Tuesday 8th November, the Earlham Institute (formerly the Genome Analysis Centre) will offer a seminar in the Genome Building on Norwich Research Park.

Panel Discussion

6:30 - 7:40 pm

Tackling agriculture challenges with Next Generation Sequencing and High Performance Computing Technologies

Headed by experts at the Earlham Institute, a panel discussion will introduce key research themes and illustrate how next generation sequencing technologies and high performance computing is applied to answer biological questions.

This session will aim to highlight the challenges faced by breeders, farmers and wider industry and how Earlham Institute’s open-source tools, databases and innovative in-field technologies are being developed to support them. Open discussion is encouraged through questions from the audience relating to the panel discussion and any issues that it raises.


Wilfried Haerty Group Leader

Kirsten McLay Platforms & Pipelines Operational Manager                          

Timothy Stitt Head of Scientific Computing

Ji Zhou Phenomics Project Leader

Interactive Workshop - Three Horizons

8:30 - 9:30 pm

Led by experts at the Earlham Institute, these workshops will promote the sharing of key challenges and potential solutions including: new technology and accessibility, data storage and analysis, fast response to pests and disease, health of farm animals and the application of next-generation sequencing to crop breeding. Through discussion of current problems and existing innovations, the groups will identify future goals and construct a ‘route map’ of how we can get there.

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Registration deadline: 08 November 2016

Participation: First come, first served