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Graham Etherington

Senior computational biologist

Graham Etherington


Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 917



I am a Senior Computational Biologist at EI. I use a number of whole genome sequencing approaches to sequence various vertebrates in order to answer questions related to conservation, population and evolutionary genomics, hybridisation, domestication and species diversity.

I am particularly interested in the genomics of endangered species and utilise this knowledge in my role as the institutes’ CITES co-ordinator.  I use the latest technologies available at the Earlham Institute such as Bionano, 10x Genomics, PacBio Sequel and Illumina to sequence and assemble previously uncharacterised genomes.

I am also involved with the core single-cell genomics effort at EI and develop bioinformatics tools and training in this and other areas.  My current research includes looking at the genomic diversity of Mustelid (polecats and ferrets), marsupials and birds.


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