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Hélène Yvanne

PhD student


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Hélène Yvanne

I am a post graduate student from the University of Bordeaux, France. I started with a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Physiology.

Then, I continued my studies with a master’s degree in Molecular and Cellular Genetics. During my Master internship, I worked on the spok genes, involved in meiotic drive in the filamentous fungus Podospora anserina at the Cellular Biochemistry and Genetics Institute of Bordeaux.


Combinations of Spok genes create multiple meiotic drivers in Podospora

Vogan AA, Ament-Velasquez SL, Granger-Farbos A, Svedberg J, Bastiaans E, Debets AJM, Coustou V, Yvanne H, Clave C, Saupe SJ, Johannesson H (2019) Evolutionary Biology, Genetics and Genomics (eLife) 8:e46454

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