Ashleigh Lister

Research Assistant


Contact details:

  • +44 (0) 1603 450 082


I started working in the Engineering Biology Department in June 2016, developing methods for Single Cell sequencing. I work closely with both the Engineering Biology department and the Platform and Pipelines group. 

I worked as part of the Platform and Pipelines group before my current post. During this time, I conducted a range of library construction; RNA Seq including Stranded, DNA Seq, ChIP Seq, 16S, IsoSeq PacBio. I performed this library construction in low throughput and high throughput manner by using the Perkin Elmer Sciclone robotics. I operated the Bionano Irys sequencer and as part of this process, I developed High Molecular Weight DNA extractions to run on the platform as well as on the PacBio. I helped to run the Illumina platforms within the Sequencing Operations team which involved clustering, running, monitoring, and maintenance. 

Previous to my position at EI, I worked in the Crop Genetics department at the John Innes Centre in Graham Moore's group mapping the Gametocidal gene in Aegilops sharonenesis. This involved screening massive populations of irradiated seeds, high throughput DNA extraction and genotyping using KAPar assays. 

I also worked in a company called RAT Ltd based at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge, who produced human monoclonal antibodies in rats and mice for therapeutics. Here, I performed DNA, RNA and BACs extractions, and many PCRs as genotyping. I performed transformations and analysed the Sanger sequencing of the resultant positive colonies, as well as sterile tissue culture with HEK cells and their transformations. 

My hobbies include horse riding, running, climbing and squash.