Connor Reynolds

Turing Institute Research Fellow
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I am a research fellow working as part of Anthony Hall’s group at the Earlham Institute. In collaboration with researchers from the Alan Turing Institute, I am applying artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to predict the phase of the endogenous circadian clock in plants using gene expression data. Our over-arching objective is to train a model which can reliably estimate a plant’s internal circadian time using a single transcriptomic sample in Arabidopsis and wheat. We aim to apply this model to identify environmental cues or genetic factors which result in desynchronies between the internal time and the actual time.

Prior to joining the EI, I undertook a Msc by Research project based on cell imaging analysis with the Moxon Lab at the University of East Anglia, where I also completed a Bioinformatics Summer Internship focused on investigating microRNA function in Arabidopsis. These experiences allowed me to develop my skills in computational biology and data science whilst instilling particular interest towards functional genomics in plants.